Not your average calculator site. While Calculate This! does provide standard calculators, there are even more calculators that you probably didn't know you even needed.

Grams To Kilograms

Convert grams (gm) to Kilograms (kg) using this conversion calculator for metric weight conversions. 1 Gram = 0.001 Kilograms. The formula to convert grams to kilograms is to divide by 1000.

Converting RGB to hexadecimal: RGB values are usually in the range of 0–255 range; if they are in the 0–1 range, these values are multiplied by 255 before conversion occurs. The result is divided by 16 (integer... more

HTML colors are defined using a hexadecimal notation (HEX) for the combination of Red, Green, and Blue color values (RGB). Hex format uses 6 digits (2 Red, 2 Green, and 2 Blue) #000000 RGB format uses quantities from 0... more

Find the the nmetric area units of a Rectangle, Triangle, Parallelogram, aTrapezium or a Circle.

This calculator will provide the velocity equivalents for selected values.

If you are doing some electrical work and need to determine loads, the Ohm's Law calculator Calculates Voltage, Current, Resistance, and Power.

Enter the adjacent and hypotenuse angle values and the Cosine Calculator will solve the cosine angle for you.

This calculator code can quickly determine the Greatest Common Factor and Least Common Multiplier between two or three numbers.

Using basic theory and this calculator, you can quickly find the answers to your chemistry stoichiometry equations. Instructions: Fill in any two of the three text fields in either the empirical formula or the molarity... more

A fraction calculator that performs addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division on two fractions. It also reduces the result to the lowest terms.

Need to time how long something took to complete? The handy little online stopwatch will calculate the time spent from the moment you push start to when you press stop.

Chmod calculator. This is useful when setting permissions on files using FTP.

Get the circumference of a circle by entering its radius.

Do you ever wonder how much you must pay for fuel/gas in a year? Use this simple gas cost calculator to find out how much you spend or calculate fuel/gas costs, cost average monthly and annually. In addition, this... more

This Currency Converter provides current currency values direct from the Google Currency Converter. Perform currency and foreign exchange calculations using actual rates. The Currency Converter contains the top 94... more


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