Instantly look up both your Western and Chinese astrological signs using this fun script. What they may reveal about you, well, that's for a fortune teller to disclose.
This Blood Alcohol Content Calculator is a quick way to see what your blood alcohol content might be after consuming alcoholic beverages. It's mean primarily just for reference and shouldn't be relied on to determine if it's safe to drive. Many...
How Many Jelly Beans In A Jar Calculator
Trying to figure out how many jelly beans there are in a mason jar or gallon jug? Here's our method of getting the number, but you can jump to the bottom and just use the calculator too. One way to do it is to figure out the volume of the jar...
Convert Dog To Human Years Calculator
Way back when, people used to say that one year in dog years is equal to 7 years in human years. A lot of that has changed because of studies on dog longevity. They found that the 7 year rule no longer applies. And bad news for big dogs...they...
Weight of bones
This little calculator will help you determine how much the bones in your body weigh based on a percentage of your weight in pounds.
Blood Volume
This little calculator will help you determine how much blood is in your body based on your weight in pounds.
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