A collection of interesting health calculators

How Much Blood Is In Your Body?

This little calculator will help you determine how much blood is in your body based on your weight in pounds. Blood in the human body represents approximately 7% of a person’s overall weight.

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How Much Do The Bones In Your Body Weigh?

How Much Bones Weigh

This little calculator will help you determine how much the bones in your body weigh based on a percentage of your weight in pounds. The human skeleton represents approximately 14% of the average hum

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kCal Requirements Calculator

This kCal Calculator will determine your daily calorie requirements based on your physical attributes as well as your level of physical activity.

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Blood Alcohol Content Calculator

This Blood Alcohol Content Calculator is a quick way to see what your blood alcohol content might be after consuming alcoholic beverages. It’s mean primarily just for reference and shouldn’t be relie

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Dosage Calculator

The Dosage Calculator provides a drug manufacturer’s recommended dosage using their labeling instructions and should not be used to modify or replace your physician’s dosage instructions. Please refe

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