Convert Gallons To Ounces Calculator

Convert Gallons To Ounces Calculator

Instantly convert gallons to ounces.  The calculator will also return decimal and fraction results  (for example: 1 .5 ounce as well as 1/2 ounce).  You can refer to the chart for common gallon to ounce conversions or skip to the bottom to use the calculator.

Additionally, the calculator will  provide you with the closest standard cooking measurement.  That way you won’t have to figure out how to measure odd fractions like  7/20 of a ounce (the calculator would standardize 7/20 to 3/8).

How To Convert Ounces To Gallons

The formula to convert gallons to ounces is to divide gallons by 128.

How Many Ounces In One Gallon

There are 128 ounces in one gallon.

Ounces To Gallons Conversion Chart

8 ounces equals .0625 gallons
16 ounces equals .125 gallons
32 ounces equals .25 gallons
64 ounces equals .5 gallons
128 ounces equals 1 gallons

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