% Percent Solution Calculator (Gallons)

% Percent Solution Calculator (Gallons)

This calculator will help you formulate a percent solution to determine the concentration of the solute to solution needed. Translated, this means you can calculate the amount to add in order to reach a specific percentage. This calculator uses gallons as its basis of total solution.

This is actually a commonly used calculation when determining how much of a concentrated pesticide, herbicide, fertilizer or cleaning product to add to water or other solution. So if you want to know how much bleach to add to a gallon of water to make a 10% disinfectant solution, we’re here to help.

Keep in mind that if you are wanting a 1%, 2% (etc) percent solution and want to be as precise as possible, you should subtract the amount of solute you will be adding from the solution. For example: If, to reach a 1% percent solution of a pesticide, the calculator suggests adding two tablespoons of the pesticide to a gallon of water, you should also reduce your gallon of water by two tablespoons.

Quick Reference

1% per one gallon = 1.28 Ounces (oz) or 2.56 Tablespoons (Tbsp)
2% per one gallon = 2.56 Ounces (oz) or 5.12 Tablespoons (Tbsp)
1% per 2 gallons = 2.56 Ounces (oz) or 5.12 Tablespoons (Tbsp)
2% per 2 gallons = 5.12 Ounces (oz) or 10.24 Tablespoons (Tbsp)
5% of 20 gallons = 1 gallons (g)
10% per one gallon = 12.8 Ounces (oz) or 1.58 Cups (c)
30% of 50 gallons = 15 gallons (g)

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