How Many Birds And Other Wildlife Are Killed By Cats In Your Community Calculator


We would prefer to call this calculator the "Why We Love Indoor Cats Calculator" because we love cats, but we also love wildlife. This calculator estimates the number of wildlife kills that occur both weekly and annually based on estimated cat populations using either the most current (hourly) US population estimate from the US Census or the number you enter. It then calculates the current number of households that are cat owners, the percentage of cats that are allowed outdoors, and the number of feral cats. The default numbers change hourly because they are based on US human population estimates. If you want to use this calculator to get estimates for your region, find your population stats at the US Census

# of People
As of 09-23-2019 it is estimated that there are currently 328,653,775 people in your community, equaling 124,490,066 households.tooltip

37,844,980 of households in your community own a cat.tooltip

Number Of Owned Cats

There is an average of 2.1 cats per cat-owning household, totalling an estimated 79,474,458 cats currently in your community. 28,610,805 (36%) of owned cats are are allowed access to the outdoors.tooltip

Number Of Feral Cats

There are an estimated 6,224,503 to 79,474,458 feral cats in your communitytooltip

Number Of Outdoor Cats

This totals 34,835,308 outdoor cats in your community. (*using the low end of the feral cat population estimate)

Number Of Wildlife Kills

Recent research shows that one in 3 cats kills wildlife, at a rate of 2 kills per week. This means that 11,611,758 cats kill 23,223,516 wildlife per week, or 1,207,622,814 wildlife per year.tooltip

Of these kills, 27% are birds, 65% are mammals, and 8% are reptiles and amphibians. This means that
  • 326,058,160 birds are killed each year.
  • 784,954,829 mammals are killed each year.
  • 120,762,281 reptiles and amphibians are killed each year.tooltip

  • A cat's instinct to hunt is separate from its hunger drive. Seventy (70%), 845,335,970, of wildlife killed by cats are not eaten.tooltip

    The economic impact just from bird kills alone is estimated to be $9,781,744,791.tooltip