How Much Casserole Per Person Calculator

How Much Casserole Per Person Calculator

How much casserole you will need per person depends on whether the casserole will be served as a side dish, as the featured item in the main course, or the casserole represents the entire meal.

If you’re making a casserole and want to know how much you’ll need, this calculator will break down the portion sizes you need per person in ounces and pounds (and grams), depending on whether the casserole is a side dish, as the main entree, or as the entire meal.  Just enter the number of guests and the calculator will do the rest.

There is also a quick reference chart.  You can read more or just skip to the bottom to use the calculator.

How Much Casserole To Serve Per Person

Casserole Portion Size Per Person As A Side Dish

If casserole is being served as a side dish or if it is being offered at a buffet where there are other pasta or starch dishes for guests to choose from, you should plan on having 3.5 ounces of casserole per person.  Side dishes are typically starches (pasta, rice, potatoes) or vegetables served along with the main ingredient. The main ingredient, usually a protein, is the featured item and side dishes compliment it.

Casseroles that are usually served as side dishes include green been casserole, scalloped potato casserole, broccoli and cheddar casserole, hash brown casserole, and more.

Casserole Portion Size Per Person As Main Dish Ingredient

If the casserole is being served as the featured food item in the meal, you should plan on a portion size of 8 ounces per person.  This amount is fine if you’ll also be serving another side dish, salad, or bread, etc.

This type of casserole is usually served over or along side a starch (pasta, rice, potatoes), in addition to other sides.  It typically is a protein cooked in a sauce or stew; beef and chicken casseroles fit in this category.

Casserole Portion Size Per Person As The Entire Meal

In the event the casserole is the entire meal, you may want to increase the portion size to 12-14 ounces.  Stouffer’s single serving casserole dishes are usually around 12 ounces.

These casseroles are an all-in-one meal and usually contain all the elements needed for a meal (protein, starch, and vegetable).   Some common dinner casseroles include: tuna noodle casserole, chicken and rice casserole, etc.

Casserole Portions For A Crowd Amounts (as a side dish)

How much casserole for 10 – You would need approximately 2.2 lbs of casserole for 10 people.
How much casserole for 20 – You would need approximately 4.4 lbs of casserole for 20 people.
How much casserole for 25 – You would need approximately 5.5 of casserole for 25 people.
How much casserole for 30 – You would need approximately 6.6 lbs of casserole for 30 people.
How much casserole for 50 – You would need approximately 10.9 lbs of casserole for 50 people.
How much casserole for 75 – You would need approximately 16.4 of casserole for 75 people.
How much casserole for 100 – You would need approximately 21.9 lbs of casserole for 100 people.

Use the calculator to get amounts for other portion sizes.

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