Convert Meters To Yards Feet And Inches Calculator

Convert Meters To Yards Feet And Inches Calculator

This  converter will convert a length from meters to yards, feet, and inches.  It accepts whole numbers as well as decimals (1.25).  It also provides the value as a fraction along with several other formats.

The formula to convert meters to yards is to multiply by 1.0936.  This is equivalent to one meter equals 1.0936 yards.

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How To Convert Meters To Yards Feet And Inches

One method to convert your measurement from meters to yards, feet and inches is to start by taking meters and multiplying by 1.0936.

For example, for 1.5 meters, you would first multiply 1.5 * 1.0936.  This equals 1.6404 yards.    If you are fine with a decimal value, you can round up to the nearest tenth (1.6 yards) and you’re done.  But if you would like to drill down to also get the value in both feet and inches, there are a few more steps.

Using the previous answer of 1.6404 yards, you would separate the whole number (1) which represents whole yards from the decimal numbers which represent the percentage less than a yard (.6404).

You would then multiply the decimal value by 3 (there are 3 feet in a yard) to convert to feet. .6404 * 3 = 1.9212 feet. At this point we know we have one yard and one foot.

Now to get inches, we repeat the process of taking the decimal value but this time from feet, which is .9212.  Multiply that by 12 (there are 12 inches per foot).  .9212 * 12 = 11.0544 inches.

So 1.5 meters is equal to 1 yard 1 foot and 11 inches.

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