PPM Based On Solute To Solution Calculator

PPM Based On Solute To Solution Calculator

This calculator will determine the ppm (parts per million) based on the amount of solute that is added to a solution.  You have the option of using ounces/gallons or grams/liters.

How Do You Calculate PPM

In order to do the calculation, you would first have to convert the solution into the same type of measure as the solute.  If your solute is in ounces, you would also need to convert your solution (currently entered as gallons) into ounces.  Likewise, you would need to convert liters into grams if your solution is measured in liters.

PPM is calculated by dividing the amount of solute by the total amount of solution plus the solute, then multiplying by one million.

PPM = solute / (solution plus solute) * 1,000,000

If you’re still confused, the calculator will provide an overview of the calculations it used to arrived at the answer.

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