How Many Deviled Eggs Per Person Calculator

How Many Deviled Eggs Per Person Calculator

If you are making deviled eggs as an appetizer, this calculator will give you an estimate of how many deviled eggs you will need for your guests.  Whether you are cooking for 4 people or a crowd, the calculator will estimate how many boiled eggs, mayo and other ingredients you will need to prepare your deviled eggs.

What Is The Serving Size Per Person

The typical serving size for deviled eggs is 2-3 halves per person.  This calculator splits the difference and uses 2.5 deviled egg halves in its equation.

How Much Mayo For Deviled Eggs

Most recipes call for approximately 1/2 tablespoon of mayonnaise to be used per whole egg when making the deviled egg filling.  If you are piping the filling or just want the filling creamier, you may want to increase that amount slightly.  But it’s always better to start off a little firmer and add more mayo later if needed.

What If I Used Too Much Mayo In My Deviled Eggs?

If you’ve added too much mayonnaise to your deviled egg filling and it’s too soft and runny,  you can either add more boiled egg yolks or instant mashed potatoes to the mixture.

Basic Deviled Egg Ingredients

The majority of deviled egg recipes combine mayo, mustard, vinegar and pepper to create the egg filling.  For mustards, yellow or dijon are commonly used.  For vinegar, either white vinegar or white wine vinegar are used.  A few suggest adding some pickle juice, chopped chives or bacon bits to the filling.  All this is a matter of preference.

What To Do With Leftover Deviled Eggs?

As long as the deviled eggs have remained refrigerated, you can use leftover deviled eggs within 3- 4 days to make an egg salad for sandwiches or crackers.

If you have a specific deviled egg recipe you’d like to use, you can modify your ingredient list by using our Recipe Converter

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