Convert Kilograms to Ounces Calculator

Convert Kilograms to Ounces Calculator

Quickly convert any weight in kilograms to ounces using this conversion calculator for metric weight conversions. When converting kg to oz, the calculator will provide the ounces, as well as the pounds and the combined values for pounds and ounces.

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What is 1 kg to 1 ounce?

How many kilograms in one ounce?  In only ounce, one kg equals 35.2739199982575 ounces.

How do I convert kg to oz?

The formula to convert kilograms to ounces is to multiply kilograms by 35.2739199982575 (to get ounces).

Using 1.5 kilograms as an example:

  1. Multiply kilograms by 35.2739199982575 to get ounces – 1.5 kilograms X 35.2739199982575 = 52.91087999738625 ounces.

Common kg to oz conversions

1/2 kilogram equals 17.63695999912875 ounces
1 kilogram equals 35.2739199982575 ounces.
15 kilograms equal 529.1087999738625 ounces.

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