The Ultimate Thanksgiving Dinner Calculator

The Ultimate Thanksgiving Dinner Calculator

Do you need to calculate how much turkey, stuffing, side dishes, and drinks to buy, cook and serve for your Thanksgiving Dinner guests? Well, that’s easy; just use the Thanksgiving Dinner calculator.

Enter the number of guests you are serving and you’ll get a breakdown of the primary menu items and beverages to have on hand to hopefully keep everyone happy. You can even add a little extra to calculate how much to include for leftovers or big eaters.  The calculator will break down the quantities you’ll need for appetizers, meats, side dishes, desserts and drinks.

The calculator will include options for several different types of starches (pasta, rice) but assumes only one type is served.  So if you’re serving both, cut the recommended quantity in half.  This also applies to the recommended turkey quantity; if you are also serving a ham, split the amount needed in two for each type of meat.

If you will be substituting mashed potatoes for one of the starches, you can get the quantity you’ll need from the

Visit our Turkey Thawing and Cooking Calculator for information on preparing your turkey.

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