How Much Gravel Or Aggregate Calculator

How Much Gravel Or Aggregate Calculator

This calculator will convert the square feet and depth of your project into the amount of cubic yards and tons of gravel or aggregate you will need, as well as bags for smaller projects.

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How To Convert Cubic Feet Into Tons

If your supplier sells materials such as gravel and aggregate by the ton, you would calculate the tons needed by dividing cubic feet by 21.6 (the amount of cubic feet in a ton).

How Much Does A Cubic Yard Of Gravel Weigh

One cubic yard of gravel can weigh between 2,400 to 2,900 lbs. One U.S. ton equals 2000 pounds, so a cubic yard of gravel could weigh up to one and a half tons.

How Much Does A Cubic Yard Of Gravel Cover

Gravel coverage depends on the depth it is being applied.

One cubic yard covers approximately 144 square feet at a 4 inch depth.

How Much Does A Bag Of Gravel Cover

A .25 cu. ft. bag covers 1 square foot at 3 inches deep.

It’s important to note that some gravel and aggregate materials are much more compact than others (depending on stone size), so exact coverage can vary.  Your supplier should be able to let you know the coverage per cubic yard or ton.

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