Ring Size Conversion Calculator

If you are trying to figure out your ring size but don’t want to go to a jeweler, you can measure your ring size at home and the Ring Size Conversion Calculator will help you find the proper fit. The calculator can convert standard ring sizes from 000(0) to 20.

The average ring size for women is between 6 and 7. The average ring size for men is between 9 and 11, with 10 being the most common men’s ring size.

You can measure your finger either in inches or millimeters, then enter the measurement into the calculator to determine your ring size.

Here are some tips to getting the best results:

Ring Measurement Tips

  • Wrap a string or thin strip of paper around the base of your finger. Using a pen, make a mark on the string or paper where they intersect (the point that they overlap)
  • Use a ruler to measure the distance marked on the string or paper in either inches or millimeters
  • If you have large knuckles, you should measure your knuckle as well. Then add your finger and knuckle measurement together, and divide in half to get the average.
  • Fingers tend to swell a little by the end of the day. It’s a good idea to measure your finger late in the afternoon or evening. You might want to do this for 2 consecutive days to see if there’s a difference, and then get an average between the two measurements.
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UK: United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand
US: USA, Canada and Mexico
JP: Japan, China, South America
IT: Italy, Spain, Netherlands, Switzerland
FR: France, Germany, Belgium, Austria, Norway, Sweden, Denmark
IN: India

Please keep in mind that the size of rings can vary by manufacturer. Many have ring size charts posted on their website.

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