Chemical Fertilizer AI PPM Calculator

Chemical Fertilizer AI PPM Calculator

This calculator determines how much of a liquid additive you would need to add to a solution in order to achieve a specific ppm (parts per million) based on the percentage of the additive’s active ingredient.  You have the option of using either ounces/gallons or grams/liters.

How Do You Find The Amount Needed To Get A Specific PPM

You would first take the amount of solution (either in liters or gallons) and convert it to either grams or ounces.

You would then multiply your solution times PPM, then divide by one million to find out how much you will need to add to your solution to achieve a specific PPM.

Next, you would increase your answer by the percentage of inactive ingredients in your liquid additive.  If your additive consists of 75% active ingredient, you would increase your previous answer by 25% (the percentage of inactive ingredient).

If you’re still confused, the calculator will provide an overview of the calculations it used to arrived at the answer.

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